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about us

We understand the power of truly data-driven companies.

With expertise in commercial data strategies, CRM, digital marketing optimisation, statistical analysis, data visualisation, BI tools & dashboards and process automation – we are here to get the right insights into the right hands. Fast.

Bartolomeo Badalassi

BActs BFin
Founding Director 

With over eight years commercial experience across multiple public and private sectors, Bart is best known for ensuring his clients realise the true value of their data. Bart prides himself on being able to bring data and insights to life, shifting the way decisions are made by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time at the lowest cost.

Catapulting his fascination with data in 2012 was Quantium, a global leader in the development of data-driven insights and ideas. Through the continual commercialisation of large and diverse databases, his rich technical skill set and ability to align insight to business strategy evolved.

As his enthusiasm for data grew, he looked to international opportunities and established his own data consultancy in London in 2015. During his time in the United Kingdom, he led multiple European teams through various data-driven projects, assisting clients at all points on their data journey. In 2017 Bart also contracted for a property group in Asia where he managed and leveraged data as an asset to drive strategy, competitiveness and profitability.

With a burning desire to use his skills to create meaningful and lasting change for Australians, Bart returned home with a goal to assist the Australian organisation with the most data, the Federal Government. BBMT Consulting was born and since it’s inception Bart has utilised data to understand public needs, solve complex problems and inform policy. Bart’s passion for increasing ability shines through all his work as he remains committed to increasing the digital capability of the APS through his continuous and enthusiastic knowledge sharing.

Bartolomeo Badalassi BBMT Consulting
Myles Terry BBMT Consulting

Myles Terry

BActs BFin
Founding Director 

Since graduating ANU with a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Finance, Myles has taken his blend of academic training in statistics and diverse experience in the life insurance industry to gain domestic and international experience.  

Working for MetLife, the largest provider of life insurance in the United States, Myles gained invaluable access to working with data, its applications and its insights for clients.  Myles worked closely with the business development team to deliver tailored solutions, realising his passion lay in this field with his ability to combine his analytical and interpersonal skills with his business acumen.  

Before co-founding BBMT Consulting, Myles was the Managing Director of Breakers’ Edge Properties.  This provided him with the knowledge and intricacies of running a business, recruiting talent, people management and the implementation of data driven strategies.

our philosophies


Develop a deeper understanding of core company goals, noting the first question asked isn’t always the real underlying issue.

Make Data Meaningful

Data itself will not trigger action or change, companies require great storytellers to enhance their culture and the way they operate.

Maximise Potential

Every company deserves to harness the full value of data, irrespective of their stage along their analytics journey.

Promote Self Service

Democratise the data and transfer knowledge. Our aim is to render ourselves obsolete.

Hire Talent

Grow a company whose employees share the vision of settling for nothing less than excellence.

Continuous Learning

Foster a safe and supportive environment with an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

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