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Data is a national strategic asset.

With experience at all stages along the data journey, we pride ourselves in providing value-for-money services to:

  • Increase return on data assets.
  • Build digital capabilities.
  • Accelerate innovative data-driven cultures.

Expert solutions delivered at the right time.

Data Strategy

We start by taking the time to fully understand your business objectives and how a data strategy can assist you in achieving your full potential.

After performing a current state assessment to understand your landscape, we utilise gap analysis to develop your strategic roadmap to data management maturity. This is accompanied by implementations plans for each initiative to ensure key data assets are utilised, risks are mitigated and value is derived.

Our tailored approach ensures your strategy reflects the true pulse of your business while continuing to respond to industry trends.


Data Quality Assurance

Master Data Management

Data sharing

Metadata Manegement

change management

Advanced Analytics &
Data Storytelling

Data Cleansing

Automated Scripts

We leverage the 3V dimensions of data; Volume, Velocity and Variety, to provide you the 4th, Value.

As always, the first thing we do is dedicate time to understand your business goals. Deep-diving into your operations allows us to accurately define your needs and helps uncover the questions at the heart of your organisation.

Next, we collect, consolidate and clean the relevant identified data. We pride ourselves on being technologically agnostic – our choice of tools reflects your preference and the type of analysis required (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive).

All our code adheres to best practices, optimising performance while minimising load on data sources. Repeatable frameworks are created to increase productivity and transfer knowledge.

Whether it’s Power BI, Tableau, Qlik or Excel, our informative and intuitive dashboards expedite time to insight by empowering individuals to service their own requests. Through clear and engaging data visualisations we tell the story of the data and share results with decision makers (not just the data-savvy) to encourage evidence-based policy.

Data Visualisations

Executive presentations

Experts in Power BI Apps & Templates

Power BI

We optimise your business performance and take the guesswork out of Business Intelligence by curating methodological approaches for KPI reporting, visualisation and insight discovery.

In developing Power BI Apps and Templates for our clients, we have:

  • Created a single report which saved over 200 hours due to the elimination of manual tasks.
  • Replaced a 160+ page printed word document with an interactive App.
  • Increased operational efficiency by automating data flows, transformation and visualisations.
  • Democratised data and increased general data literacy through self-service analytics.
  • Increased business agility through access to timely information (eliminating the reliance on other teams).
  • Liberated analysts from vanilla data dump requests.
  • Established best practices for future reporting requirements.
  • Empowered non-technical individuals to query, retrieve and analyse data without the reliance on other teams.

Build digital Capability

Data Literacy Training

Power BI Beginner Courses

Power BI Intermediate courses

Our Data Literacy Training equips and empowers individuals with the foundational data skills and capabilities to be effective knowledge workers.

It enables individuals to comfortably read and work with data while promoting an evidence-first mindset.

The Power BI Beginner Course fast-tracks Power BI knowledge by covering all the necessary foundation skills.

Common Power BI features are introduced with a focus on arming employees with the knowledge and ability to create and share interactive and engaging reports.

The Power BI Intermediate Course dives deeper into Power BI features with a focus on exploring the full suite of functionalities to enhance reports.

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