Accelerating Self-Service

through Automation & Power BI.

A Federal Government’s Finance Publications were extremely time-consuming to compile. They were riddled with manual tasks, highly prone to human error and seldom used for their intended purpose; self-service analytics. In addition, the lack of in-house data capabilities meant the Finance Team were responding to requests by performing repeated Excel extracts ad nauseum.

This all translated into missed opportunities to optimise business performance.

We advanced and smoothed our client’s transition to Self-Service Business Intelligence by
replacing a 160+ page word document with one Power BI Application.

Our collective approach:

enhanced KPIs

New metrics were generated after discussions around self-service, domain knowledge, reporting requirements, audience, permissions and access.

automated workflow

Increased efficiency of data flows, data transformations, data quality checks, consistency to other sources, and data refreshes.

tailored reports

Incorporating feedback through iterations enhanced functionality, increased granularity and adjusted aesthetics.

accelerated data-driven culture

Built internal digital capabilities to ensure individuals were comfortable fulfilling their own requests.

Our Application’s dynamic filtering functionalities allowed individuals to synthesise and aggregate data at speed.

This gave rise to new:

Our fresh and unique enthusiasm
successfully increased operational efficiency by 34%
by delivering the right information to the right person at the right time at the lowest cost

with the following outcomes achieved:

Saving over 200 hours and eliminating human error through process automation.

Increased the Return on Investment of data holdings as more individuals gained access and became familiar with the report.

Expedited time to insight through building a Power BI capability, liberating Data Analysts from their vanilla data extracts and ending request lag.

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